Where’s Cthulhu? Arkham Parade




Arkham, Cthulhu, Miskatonic, Pixel, Pixel art




We have build Arkham in retro style, pixel by pixel: everybody is around the Miskanotic river and the University campus to join the Arkham Parade, while the cultists cross the river with the big balloons: the Elder Thing, Cthulhu, Dagon… they are proud of their gods and entities and everybody is coming to join the party! The poster size is 19×27″ – 50x70cm.

This artwork is also interactive: you can play looking for your favorite Mythos characters by naked eyes… or even better, interacting with your smartphone! The poster includes a bidimensional code: just scan it (free app) and the phone will propose you to find a hidden character, one different each time!
Surprise your friends!

There’s also a puzzle, stickers and magnets based on Arkham Parade. Take a look on the Cthulhu Shop.

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