Cthulhuoshkas. The Lovecraft Matrioshkas




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Once again, we celebrate the anniversary of H. P. Lovecraft with a very special project: a set of 3 pieces representing Lovecraft’s work in the form of Matrioshkas.


The inner piece is dedicated to Lovecraft with the Necronomicon. From Lovecraft emerges the second piece, the Shoggoth, representing his fantastic novel “At the Mountains of Madness”. The bigger piece, containing the others inside, has been dedicated to his most emblematic creature, Cthulhu, the character of the short story “The Call of Cthulhu” who has become a popular icon decades after the author’s death.

shoggoth cthulhu matrioshka

The 3 pieces are presented as a collection of matrioshkas, made of high quality resin and hand painted in limited edition.

Get it now on Kickstarter.

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