Cthulhu Ouija


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Cthulhu, Lovecraft, Nightgaunts, Ouija, Skull, Talkingboard, Wooden board



Luciana Nedelea



We are introducing the new Cthulhu Ouija board on Kickstarter, part of The Cult of Cthulhuproject.

The new board has been designed in Transylvania with the great artist Luciana Nedelea. The result is astonishing: the new board is loaded with impressive details, headed by Cthulhu and guarded by the Nightgaunts.

Cthulhu Ouija board

This board is presented for the first time in two editions: one, printed in compact cardboard and second, the luxury edition in wooden board. If you want a lightweight board with attention to printed details, the cardboard board may be your choice. If you want a superior touching and authentic feel… the wood will impress you!

Get it now on Kickstarter!

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