Cthulhu Eye planchette & Skull candleholder




Candleholder, Cthulhu, Lovecraft, Ouija, Planchette, Skull



Marta The Monster Box



We are introducing the new Cthulhu Skull candleholder and the Cthulhu Eye planchette that comes with the new Ouija board in The Cult of Cthulhuproject.

We created a unique piece of resin following the design of the board with all luxury of details sculpted by Marta López from the Monster Box with as much care and horror as the one that endows our sculptures collection.

The new planchette is hand-painted and comes with a 33mm lens to read the messages on the board. For better protection and storage, each planchette will be delivered in a cloth bag stamped with the Necronomicon, with a cord closure.

This collector’s outfit would not be complete without the amazing Cthulhu Skull candleholders that complete the setting for the ritual. Like the planchette, they are hand-sculpted, resin-made and hand-painted pieces; there’s one candle included to start your cult! (you can add more candles to your reward; anyways, spare candles of this size can be easily found). Size: 8x8x6cm (3.2×3.2×2.4″).

Get it now on Kickstarter!

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