Lovecraft matrioshkas

Once again, we celebrate the anniversary of H. P. Lovecraft with a very special project: a set of 3 pieces representing Lovecraft’s work in the form of Matrioshkas, launched on Kickstarter. The inner piece is dedicated to Lovecraft with the Necronomicon. From Lovecraft emerges the second piece, the Shoggoth, representing his fantastic novel “At the […]

Innsmouth, the lost games

We are launching a new project on Kickstarter! Innsmouth, the lost games comes with two new decks for the Lovecraft Playing Cards collection, both based on Innsmouth culture. One deck comes from the spanish variants, with original symbols from Innsmouth folklore. The other deck comes from the french variant, a standard poker deck with a […]

Cthulhu Tarot now live on Kickstarter

We are launching a new project on Kickstarter: The Eldritch Tarot by Sara Bardi. The Major Arcana are the foundation of the Tarot, consisting of 22 universal archetypes beginning with the Fool and coming full circle with the World. The Eldritch Tarot is an interpretation of these archetypes in the Lovecraft world, created by Sara […]

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