Lovecraft Playing Cards (Innsmouth #1 & #2)


Board Games, Games, Playing Cards


Cthulhu, Cultists, Deep ones, Innsmouth, Playing cards, Poker



Robert Altbauer



The playing cards have been created since ancient times, covering multiple cultures and adapting to each of them by centuries. Among the most common cards that have survived to date are the french variants, with four suits of 13 cards, and the spanish, with four suits of 12 cards.

Recently the variants used in the enclosed village of Innsmouth have been found, which in this case did not represent kings, knights, church or peasantry, but the folklore of their own people, tied to the dark cults and creatures of the sea.

We are publishing 2 decks based on the Innsmouth culture, one dedicated to the spanish playing cards style with original symbols, and another based on poker cards with classic suits.

These decks will be part of the Lovecraft Playing Cards collection, limited edition.

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